Is Your Web Designer Ripping You Off?

No body enjoys being scammed – particularly if they’re running a business.

Yet most companies are paying hundreds or tens of thousands of dollars with their web designer for shoddy, insufficient work. Are you currentlyreally?

Luckily, there’s a quick and easy way to learn.

Key in your website address and click on the “Check” button.

In case theĀ ecommerce website singapore page you see says “failed validation” in red writing, you will need to consult with your web designer – especially if you’re more than just a couple of errors.

Is the web designer one among those cowboys?

If you don’t have a cattle ranch, then you probably don’t desire to hire cowboys. You would not endure insufficient work out of a builder or electrician, would you? Think about an accountant that did not understand taxation legislation, would you need them handing your financing?

Well, most web designers produce websites which are poor and sub standard – and worst of all they don’t even know it.

How do I tell if my website isn’t up to standard?

Many occupations and industries have standards. With some professions, like medicine or law, you need a eligibility before you even begin doing it. Other businesses, such as food processing or structure, aren’t so strict about academic qualifications, but they do have standards that have to be met – such as health and safety or food hygiene standards.

There’s no academic qualification you have to have so as to eventually become a webdesigner. All you need is a computer with internet access and the confidence (or even sometimes arrogance) to call yourself a webdesigner.

However, although many people (and most web designers) don’t know it – there are still standards for internet sites.

Moreover – it’s quite easy to test your web site to find out whether or not it’s around standard. All you have to do is see a site and you’ll be able to test your website.

What are Web Standards?

Sites are programmed using a personal computer language called HTML. There’s a perfect way to program HTML and there’s a wrong strategy. The right way to program HTML is called “Web Standards,” anything else would be the incorrect way.

The gap between the right and wrong approach to program a site is technical – therefore, if you’re a business owner that you won’t need to understand the specifics.

However, you do need to understand that if your web designer hasn’t used Web Standards this implies:

Your internet site will perform worse browsing Engines – and that means you’ll get less visitors
It will require more time to download – and that means you’ll lose much more of these visitors you can get
it might cost you to keep the website
It is harder (and more costly) to create changes to the website
Up to 40% of people might be unable to see your web site correctly since they utilize different type of computer or webbrowser compared to your internet designer.
Your Website is probably not going to be more available to people with disabilities – that could mean you may fall foul of your local handicap discrimination legislation
Needless to say, you might not need any of these problems if your web designer has not used Web Standards – however, you’ll certainly have some of them.

If my site fails to support does that mean it doesn’t use Internet Standards?

Certainly not.

The W3C validator is just a handy tool for checking if your website utilizes supreme quality HTML. But, it isn’t really a 100% guarantee.

It’s potential for a website to fail the validation on one or two minor points. If this really is the situation it is not really a major problem, even though you could ask your web designer to manually fix them.

However, if your site includes dozens of countless hundreds of errors that really is bad news.

It’s also possible to for the internet site to pass the validator but use out-of-date methods, however this is not as likely.

Should web designers use Internet Standards?


To put it bluntly, if you never understand web standards, you are unable to call yourself a “professional” web designer.

There are a few times if it’s okay to make use of non Web Standards methods for reasonable reasons, but it has to be an informed choice.

How many web site designers app websites the wrong method?

Unfortunately, most webdesigners program web sites the wrong manner. The sad thing is that a lot of them don’t even understand about Internet Standards.

There are a lot of web site designers that utilize Web Standards, but they are at a minority.

Because there are no entrance barriers to web designing, you can now set up as a web designer. Meaning there’s loads of preference however it also means that there are plenty of cowboys producing badly-programmed sites.

What do I do if my web site hasn’t been created with Web Standards?

Well, you have two or three choices.

Firstly, you could contact the web designer which created your site and inquire why they failed to produce your site with Web Standards.

If your website is a lot more than 1 or two yrs old it’s not reasonable to expect your site to have been created with Web Standards, as they weren’t a popular technique afterward.

You might realize your web designer now uses Web Standards and would be in a position to redesign your web site so it uses them.

They may be eager to complete this free of charge, being a courtesy, or else they may charge you for this.

Can’t I just sue them?

I am not a lawyer and mightn’t offer you legal counsel.

Yet, I suspect that until you have a written contract with your internet designer specifying that the site ought to be built using Web Standards techniques you would find a valid path difficult.

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