Wearing 6 Inch Heels: Is It Worth It?

Sometime around 2008, shoe makers announced that 6 inch heels would be the newest norm using world-renowned shoe designers launching skyscraper-high heels inside their runway collections. In an instant, the 5 inch heel, which was once considered the highest a heel could go, was reduced to just a typical heel. Needless to say the 3 inch heeled shoes wasn’t even registering lightly that the fashion radar and kitten heels have been deemed extinct.

And nobody’s stopping only 6 inches, especially with experimental shoe designers creating the hopeless possible through Black Heels less heels and going shining through alien-like armadillo shoes worn out by bizarre socialites and fashion icons on the red carpet averaging 10-inches in height, it probably wouldn’t be overly well before the half a ruler high heels are the norm.

But could it be worth it? Are the risks posed by balancing on such high heel shoes worth it? Let us examine.

Risks to Women

Wearing tight heels for an extended period of time may cause at the lowest B-listers and also at its own worst extremely painful hammer toes and bunions, both that could require surgery merely to help ease out the pain. Additionally, there are a few cases wherein the spine alignment has also become influenced resulting to slip disks.

Quite a few celebrity moms have already come under fire from mother groups and concerned citizens around the planet, when they were photographed wearing 6 inch heels at the elevation of their maternity. A pop-star fabled for the killer heels wore a 6 inch lace shoe into the Royal Wedding while a star stylist and reality TV celebrity wore a towering leopard print booties 9 months into her pregnancy.

Nevermind that wearing high heels can cause a great deal of stress on the spine and might possibly be very uncomfortable, only the problem of maintaining your balance and the prospect of slipping and putting your stomach is just a serious cause of concern. In fact, reports imply the singer slash designer’s recent surgery because of her slide disc was caused by wearing extremely substantial heel pumps during her pregnancy. Besides that, she is also because of operation on her behalf horrible appearing bunions.

High Heels versus Celebrities and Designs

Additionally there is the boycott of a couple supermodels of an avant garde designer’s show because of his armadillo shoes citing they do not feel safe walking with them.

And it’s really not simply models, a pop star also took a major stumble, falling head first while making her way through an airport wearing her 10-inch heel less boots. The paps went crazy, catching every humiliating moment.