Robert Hughes – The Australian Art Critic of High Order

Highly respected art critic, writer, and a renowned documentary maker Robert Hughes was born on July 28, 1938 at Sydney, Australia. He’s the son of Geoffrey Forrest Hughes and Margaret Eyre Sealy. His father and grandfather both were reputed lawyers. Hughes has an older brother Tom Hughes who is also a attorney and has become the former Attorney General of Australia. He finished his college documents from St Ignatius at Riverview and later went to the University of Sydney to study arts and architecture. At the time, he combined a innovative sub cultural group ‘Sydney Push’ that contains literary artist, authors, and drinkers. Approximately 1961, Hughes dabbled with painting and poetry, but has been praised for his lack of creativity.

Professional Life
In addition, he worked with papers, like ‘The Sunday Mirror’ and ‘The Country’ as a cartoonist initially and then the politician. In 1964, he left Australia and moved to Italy. A year after, he settled in London. In 1970, he also received an offer from ‘TIME’ magazine and proceeded to ny. This position brought him great recognition being an art critic. Hughes lent his voice to get a narration in the film ‘Protected’ in 1975, which has been based on the life span of Native Australian on Palm Island. Back in 1978 Hughes was hired to cohost a show for ABC News (News magazine 20/20), but he was almost instantly replaced as a result of bad reviews.

Robert Hughes generated an insightful television documentary called ‘The Shock of New,’ to get BBC, that represented on the evolution of Modern Art. He even wrote a book by exactly the same name, that had been released in 1981. His additional publication ‘The Fatal Shore’ based on British infantry colonies went on to become a worldwide bestseller. Hughes made some other documentaries mostly involving musicians or art histories (such as American visions plus one on Francisco Goya). Robert Hughes was highly opinionated. He is famous for his straight forwardness.

Personal Life
While in London, Hughes married Danne Patricia Emerson in 1967. Later that year she gave birth to his son Danton. The marriage however did not survive long and so they were divorced by the end of 1981. Soon, Hughes wed Victoria Whistler. Regrettably, that marriage happened in 1996. Robert Hughes saw a series of unfortunate incidences in the previous 2 decades. He had a major nervous breakdown in 1997. Back in 1999, while filming for a documentary from Australia he needed a fatal highway accident. The crash left him badly injured and even in coma for a few weeks. He was fined for reckless driving and was even prohibited from driving for 3 decades. His death tremendously bothered the art fighter.

Robert Hughes last wrote an interesting memoir at 2006 titled ‘Things I did not Know.’ Nowadays he stays in New York along with his wife 10 decades, artist Doris Downes and continues to publish for TIME magazine sporadically.