The Utterly Immoral and Unnatural Perversions of the LGBT Movement

Have you ever tried to alter the ornery Angus bull in to a bunny, or perhaps a man gorilla into a female gorilla? It is, as most of veterinarians will loudly say, impossible to really do. Bulls and gorillas are both mammals, and so can be human beings, or Homo sapiens, that induces the subsequent logical reasoning to follow. It is not possible to unknowingly change mammals born man into females, and this comprises human men and women. You will find myriad bodily and health care differences between people; which create the 2 exclusive individual sexes totally different, and each specific. Regardless of whether one thinks, as I do, this God almighty created woman and man in the Garden of Eden, or that evolution produced the human man and women through natural selection, the biological specificity of those male and female genders make transformation from you to the other impossible. That which is scientifically impossible cannot be authorized by the delusionary sophistry of sexually minded people and men. For you’re able to take a normal ordinary man child, a wholesome boy, and dress that child in the garb of a female girl from the moment of birth through the teen age years, treat the boy exactly as you would a girl, and mentally persuade the child, through the years, that he could be a girl. Yet, the boy remains a boy, and yes, this has tragically been futilely attempted in this country by completely heterosexual parents, and also the end results of such sick aberrational endeavors are, and have been, psychologically damaged and confused teenage boys moving about thinking they truly are something they are not, girls. In nature, for somebody to deal with a healthy normal boy as a girl, and to cause him to feel he is a woman, constitutes a dreadful crime against nature, as bad as bestiality. Yet, today, in the 21st Century, there are ill advised aberrant people who are in the USA, supposedly a state of laws, that think that such a supernatural procedure is reasonably proper and should be allowed legally that occurs.

Just lately a lot of provocative news was aired onto a radio talkshow about a typical teen age girl in Texas who was invited and promoted by her own parents to choose testosterone booster shots and anabolic steroids so that you can “transform” her to a boy so that she might be about a boy’s school wrestling group. Yes, that is accurate! The parents, especially the dad, invited their daughter to “become” a boy merely to join a boy’s wrestling team. The federal conventional press had broadcast that the teenage girl had made the decision herself to “transform” into a boy, ” but additional information gleaned from concerned neighbors left it rather clear that the parents, especially the fatherwho had treated his daughter more like a boy than a girl on a very long time period. A lawsuit against your ex and her parents by the parents of boys to the wrestling team is now being litigated in Texas.

Yet, though a hiccup, it features a filthy scourge on the integrity of the individual species that’s, in exactly the same fashion, followed the equally aberrant normalization of the psychopathologies of both homosexuality and bisexuality in the USA. The perversions which can be manifest in the nefarious parental efforts to create, encourage, and promote supernatural feelings and emotions of grief and inferiority in ordinary female and male children, who weren’t born to possess the facialskin, and body, looks of handsomely female boys and femininely beautiful girls, ought to be announced criminal in nature. For parents are ultimately accountable for the way their children will feel about themselves as girls and boys; and also how they’re going to either, grow and develop into positive, mature, and self-actualized adults, or even confused maladjusted human beings with mature adult bodies.

Since around 1970, the electronic media (television, motion pictures, and also the Internet) in the USA are responsible for promoting homosexuality, bisexuality, and the transvestitism that’s cancerously metastasized into the pernicious LGBT “transgenderism” which is being now promoted being a cultural normality. I was, for a While, a sworn deputy sheriff for San Diego County, California under Sheriff John F. Duffy. Throughout that time through the 1980s, I worked at the San Diego County jails and saw, first-hand, the ravaging legal consequences of promiscuous homosexuality and transvestitism on individual beings. Sex with animals The explicit open reflection of abnormal lust between two men or 2 men, culminating in another of those men sucking on the other man’s manhood or sodomizing him, along with the two women sucking one another’s vagina, became openly accepted sex rituals. Moreover, pornography, that the lurid multi-billion dollar-plus adult magazine and also film-industry unexpectedly acquired a brand new profit-making motif and also an aberrant, rabidly consuming, audience having its sickening LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) genre.

The most egregiously tragic outcome of the gross expansion of LGBT porn was the rampant increase in pedophilia, along with the manipulation of young children from gay and bisexual men and women. What is currently incredibly unnatural and contradictive in practice are adoption agencies and state agencies who may deny normal heterosexual couples the right to embrace infant kids if they, for example, believe that UFOs are finally coming to accept them, and their adopted children, away to a remote planet, but will allow two men in a gay relationship to embrace children comprehending that both men suck each other’s penises and participate in sodomy nightly, and it would be extremely probable that both men would enjoy the molestation of their infant kids by sucking and fondling their genitalia. Do you notice here the blatant contradiction and hypocrisy? To simply believe the UFO is coming to take away you is utter dementia, totally unnatural, places kids at risk of harm, also is an explanation for denial of adoption while still promiscuous adult homosexual behaviour and probable sexual molestation of infant children are thought to be wholly natural methods! Contrary to popular belief, as Ripley would say, there are vocal LGBT groups that urge for legislation allowing free sexual activity with small kids.

Currently, in the next decade of the 21st Century, accumulative crime statistics and reports published by the FBI and the research completed innumerous longitudinal and crosssectional Psycho Sexual scientific tests have adduced that more than 95 per cent of convicted pedophiles are consistently, either, homosexual or bisexual. This showing fact is a startling and obvious reality that is hardly publicized by the main stream press due to its own political incorrectness, though it’s the unvarnished truth. The supernatural practices of homosexuals and the unnatural excitement that those clinics produce could be the basis for its completely unnatural appeal to young kids demonstrated by homosexuals and bisexuals. Additionally, the attempted gender or sex-changes of kids, boys and girls under 18 years of age, from male to female or female to male, are usually followed straight by feelings of bitterness induced in these children by homosexual/bisexual adults or homosexual/bisexual peers their sexual orientation should be different than that which has been assigned. Relevant clinical trials have revealed that children that are unconditionally loved and admired by their parents, no matter their physical looks, and that aren’t vulnerable to aberrant peer relationships, develop naturally and heterosexually with no homosexual feelings, or feelings of insecurity in their normal sex based by birth. Yet, deviant sub cultures have always existed in culturally normal societies, that were served to sabotage, with time, moral and natural traditions through political subterfuge.

Legislation and rules which can be levied upon societies to recognize as natural that the disgustingly un natural usually result in severe indignation from majorities of the acceptable members of those societies. For instance, if a law has been legislated to allow grown men, who believe inside their own minds that they are women, to head into women’s restrooms and relieve themselves, even a fantastic majority of women, who rather know that they are women, would be horrified to see this kind of display of unnatural behavior. Moreover, if a protective father of a tiny female child allowed the child to enter a women’s toilet alone to ease herself, and whether the father saw a guy, dressed like a young lady, then follow his daughter into the restroom, it would just be natural to the dad to be worried about harm coming to his son or daughter. Un-natural behaviour constantly arouses natural indignant responses from reasonable individuals. Even when unnatural legislation exist, allowing men, dressed as women, to make use of women’s restrooms, and for other unnatural behaviour to publicly abound, there’ll certainly be continual natural opposition to those laws from reasonably minded people. Therefore, people who ardently believe in morality and law, and that those holy axioms should be guarded from subversion by untrue people bent on turning the USA into a bestial state, should enable their voices have been heard in concert for a clarion call to an eradication of the immoral element in the American society.

Over the years, Dr. McHugh has been loyal in their own adamant delineation of the impossibility and psychopathology of transgenderism, and has decried homosexuality and gay marriage as aberrant psychopathologies. His impeccable demonstrations which show these details to be business and unmovable are revealed in the websites provided below:

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